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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Local Artist Spotlight: Rapper AlphaTvylore (Columbus)

Name: Jacob Taylor Estep

Rapper Handle: AlphaTvylore

Hometown: Columbus, OH - born and raised

Currently Residing: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Rappers: Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and Childish Gambino

Biggest Influences: Kid Cudi, Lauryn Hill, Biggie, Wayne, Wiz, Eminem, and Andre 3000

Education: Cal-State Fullerton - 2 years into a bachelors in Business. Currently taking a break to pursue his music career, but we will be to finish. He promises.

The first thing you will notice when you meet Jacob is that he has a big head. It's rather obvious. I am not talking about how cocky he is, I am literally talking about the actual size of his head. It's like a size 8. His friends and family always knew he has something special going on up there.

Jacob, A.K.A. AlphaTvylore is actual a very humble man once you get to know him. Born and raised on the East Side of Columbus, OH, his family always had his best interests at heart raising him to be the motivated, educated man he is today. From day one, he was the odd man out. Going to a predominantly white high-school and being the "token" Black Guy having to listen to bad jokes all through high school. See white folks can't only not dance, they can't tell good jokes while trying to impress their one black friends. Its shameful really.

All of that led him to find a way to get away, to ignore the things around him and it led him to his true love: MUSIC. Jacob's love for music started real young, the first time he heard the miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Ready to Die albums. He knew at the very least music would be a big part of his life from here on out.

His other love, sports - particularly football, also played a major role in growing up. It was football and music, music and football. If he wasn't doing one, he was doing the other.

A naturally gifted athlete, Jacob earned a football scholarship to play football at Texas A&M. Most people being raised on the east side would have loved a full ride to a major university playing football, but AlphaTvylore's heart just wasn't in the game as much as it was into music. Rapping, Producing, Making beats, you name it, he wanted to do it all.

That's the thing about Jacob, he is a very driven individual who did what all of us dream of, and will hopefully will do one day. He followed his heart. He gave up an easy life, living the college dream, playing D1 football, snow bunnies, free tuition, playing alongside Johnny Football (although unknown at the time) to pursue his true passion in life: MAKING MUSIC.

That is where he is at now. Living in not too shabby Los Angeles focusing strictly on making music, producing music, and changing music. Staying up all night in studio, not even knowing when the sun rises and falls, giving his everything into the music he is making. He truly fits the motto "when you wanna succeed as bad as you wanna breath, that's when you will become successful"

Just 20 years old, Jacob turned down a deal with Interscope a few weeks back to remain unsigned in hopes of doing it on his own and making his own path, not following in the footsteps of others. Do yourself a favor and listen to this young man's tracks, I promise you will hear from him again and again, and you will want to say 'I know of AlphaTvylore before he was famous'

Check out some of the music!!

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  1. Alpha Tvylore just released a debut CD - Birth of a Villain.
    Dope dude...definitely on your way.